HP Wireless Direct Printing

HP Wireless Direct Printing And Setup Printer Network

HP Wireless Direct

HP Wireless Direct Printing – To set up the HP wireless direct the printer, then you we aimed at two options with the same way the direct wireless settings.

That you better understand, then we suggest to better understand and take action to setting The HP Wireless Direct.

The First Stage HP Wireless Direct Printing :

Please follow the way of connecting the mobile device or computer to your printer directly.

  1. On the printer control panel you turn on HP Wireless Direct. On some models, you need to access the Wireless Settings menu by pressing a Wireless button or activate Wireless icon on printer control panel. Select Wireless Direct, and then select “On” or “On (with security)” or “On (Without Security)” depending on your printer model. HP recommends “On (With Security) if provided.
  2. On the Mobile Phone device or computer, make sure actively connected to a Wi-Fi wireless network directly in the same way you do for other wireless networks. Identification / Name on Wireless networks using format “HP-Print – ** – {} printer model“.
  3. If you turn the HP Wireless Direct to activate Security, please provide WPA2 password when prompted by a mobile device or computer.


How do I print with the HP Wireless Direct?

If using a mobile device such as Smartphones Android or iOS on the Apple IPAD, Iphone and Ipod, please select activate Apple AirPrint feature that is already integrated on Apple the product.

When using the Android, please clicking download “HP ePrint apps” on Google Playstore

The Second Stage HP Wireless Direct Printing

Print with the HP wireless direct (direct wireless), you can to print wirelessly from omputer, smart phone, tablet, or any other wireless enabled device without the need connect to existing wireless network.


When using the HP wireless direct (direct wireless), observe the following guidelines :

  1. Make sure the computer or a mobile device you have the necessary software:
  2. If you are using computer, make sure that you have installs the HP printer software that came with the printer.
  3. If you are using a mobile device, make sure you have compatible printing an application installs. For further details about mobile printing, visit the following link www.hp.com/global/us/en/eprint/mobile_printing_apps.html
  4. Make sure that HP wireless direct (direct wireless) are activated in the printer and, if necessary, fiturkeamanannya activated. For more details, see Connecting your wirelessly to the printer without the router.
  5. Up five a computer and mobile devices can using HP wireless direct connection (direct wireless).
  6. HP wireless direct (direct wireless) can used when the the printer also connected to computer via USB cable or via network (using icons
  7. Wireless reflection).
  8. The HP wireless direct (direct wireless) could not be used to connect computers, a mobile device, or the printer the Internet.

So the option that you think is more appropriate to use, you pick up the first stage or second stage and we are very happy to help you.