How to Use Print On Android Smartphone Google Cloud And Network

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Print On Android Smartphone

How to Use Print On Android Smartphone Google Cloud And Network – The existence of electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones in particular have been able to shift the use of paper to display images or text. However there are times when a hardcopy is still needed in certain moments.

More and practical way to use android as print out the data base, such as photos and documents that allows users to print out the features of the android to use the cloud as well as the existing files in your folder android itself.

The Android operating system has so far not had the ability to print directly through the printer. For that we need to use several ways to Android accommodate printing needs. Instead of moving the data and print them using a computer, users can use Android gadgets.

Several methods can users choose to print using the printer that is by using supporting applications. Moreover, it can also use cloud printing and WiFi connection.

Using apps PrinterShare
The most popular application used is the PrinterShare. Through this application the user is provided two options namely Nearby and Remote.

How to use are as follows:

  • Download PrinterShare application via the computer and connect the Android smartphone user before installation process.
  • Select the types of printers available.
  • When the computer and the printer is powered on.
  • Apps through the Android and WiFi enabled.
  • Select the file you want to print the user through the menu options on PrinterShare.
  • Last Stage is the click on the “Print Button” to start printing.

Using Google Cloud Print
Cloud Print is a service provided by Google, also known as online storage media. To use this service the user needs to do is the install the Google Chrome and Cloud Print app.

In Google Chrome choose “Settings” then “Advanced Settings” and click on the Add Printer on the Google Cloud Print.

On Cloud Print app once installed log in using your Google Account and then give access to your account to access Cloud Print. The final step is to choose the type of printer that users are using.

To start printing, select the file to be printed via Cloud Print app. Then click “Click here to print“.

Using the WiFi
This method is limited to a printer that has a WiFi feature to perform direct printing. Maybe we will discuss in our next article. Setting up the printer on the network wifi internet

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