How to Take Care of Printer

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How to Take Care of Printer

How to Take Care of Printer – In general, the printer must be treated special, especially at the first time of purchase. Like buying a telephone / cell phone there are steps that might be a safe thing to do before use. For example, by installing a scratch-resistant casing that will protect the original casing from scratches.

For example, the Canon Pixma E400 printer is printing a test you have to do is to measure the alignment straight line that produced by the printer.

If it does not match expectations chardtridge head cleaning can be done, but this is very rare in the initial purchase of the printer. If the line has been dashed because of fair use and the age of the printer, then the calibration process or cleaning head can also be done to obtain good printing results.

Printers are already equipped facility, scanners, certainly not just a test print page, but it must be done at a test scanning. If this scanning process ignored the printer usually will do not oprations. This means that the step has to be done.

How to Take Care of Printer # 1:

A printer will also work with good air quality and well of course have to use original parts. One is the cartridge. It is now a lot cheaper cartridge but it risks occur in the printer and also a decrease in the age of prints. So, if we want to buy it must be smart in choosing a printer.

How to Take Care of Printer # 2:

To prevent dry ink it should be at least once a week you use the printer to print the document. While the scanner is not anything to use as needed. While it is different from the ink infusion, can sometimes leak. So the printer as well as motore / car took first heat once a week if it is not often used is to avoid, in the dry ink. If you are not going to use in a very long period of time, the better Copt cartridge and store in a dry place.

How to Take Care of Printer # 3:

Reduce printing with fast draft mode, if it is done regularly it will affect the quality of the head cartridge. Better to use the normal mode. May use fast draft mode but not to the light, and should not be your top choice to use that mode.

How to Take Care of Printer # 4:

Use paper as needed, if the thicker the paper, the AKN more also absorb ink. Remember, recycled paper is not recommended, because the pores absorb more ink unless you use a laser printer types.

How to Take Care of Printer # 5:

Do not let the small items that go into a roller printer, such as clips, staples may even small pins and coins. Roller is very sensitive because it served pull the paper, if jammed sought not pull the paper in the front and rear. The thing to do is to press the cancel button repeatedly, if you still can not be tries restart the printer to automatically seacara paper out.

Hopefully can take advantage and make insight for us all.