How to setup printer connected network

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How to setup printer connected network

setup printer connected network

How to setup printer connected network – Sharing a printer is a printer usage used several computers together in a LAN network or Wifi.

Sharing printers are now much do companies large and small offices, Banks, Schools, in addition to saving the number of printers can also save space, you can imagine if there are ten computers in one room and each computer has a printer respectively, will require a lot of space.

By sharing this printer will save a lot of use of the device so that the printer will save your space is not too full of printer devices.

More over, today almost all office workers each have a laptop that wants to connect the laptop to the printer, using the method of sharing via lan or wifi printer will save a lot of space and time employees.

To be able to share the printer then takes at least two or more computers that have been connected to the same lan-network, the computer is connected directly to the printer “Master Computer” and other computers called “Computer Cliens” computer that is connected to the master computer.

Connect the printer to your router, the time to connect the printer to a network, first you will need to connect to the router, either via Ethernet or wireless. If you are using an older printer, you can use the print server to allow the printer to connect to the network.

Ethernet Network 

Many printers can be connected via Ethernet to the router. which may only use a more practical if the printer and the router can be in a public location with the same location.

Wireless Networks 

In general Most new printers have built-in wireless, so the possibility of the printer will be connected to the wireless network installed in locations, at home, office or even in the use of the general public. Check the documentation for your printer and see specific instructions how to connect the printer to a wireless network.

Stage install the printer software to your computer (if necessary). Most printers will ask you to install the software at the time wanted to add the printer software, then the other printers will be automatically detected is also installed by the Windows operating system used or the user.

Detection of the printer device. If the printer is connected, but still did not appear, then you manually try to add software. Allows the need to use a printer that previously were not automatically detected by the Windows operating system or user.

Here’s how to install them :

  1. Open the Control Panel. Access via the Control Panel by pressing Windows + X dlalu select Control Panel.
  2. Then select “Devices and Printers“. When you are in Category view, and then click “View devices and printers” link. The window will display all devices that have been connected.
  3. Then click Add a printer. Located at the top of the window.
  4. Then select your printer from the list shown. The list of available printers displayed or take a few minutes to load.
  5. Be aware, make sure the printer is not connected properly registered and also have the right software installed, and fits with your computer.