How to Reset Printer Samsung ML-6510

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Setup Printer Network How to Reset Printer Samsung ML-6510. Samsung ML-6510’s toner cartridge wrapped with a chip which is used to ascertain the scope of Tonder and to ensure print quality print results or a strong light with mengandalakan printer prints a different line than others. Samsung MLT-309 Price: $ 200 – $ 270 USD.

Samsung ML-6510 Driver Download And Resetter

Samsung ML-6510 Driver Download And Resetter

Samsung ML-6510 toner chip contains a concentration supervised by Samsung. From the Samsung source, if the scope of the toner is higher than 5%, Samsung ML-6510 toner chip can print 15000-30000 page. If the scope of the toner is higher than 5% -> then it will only be able to print less than 15,000 – 30,000 pages.

If the scope of the toner is less than 5%, then the page can be printed as many 15000-30000 page. This is the motivation behind why mold striking (Scope Toner High) will make fast printer ink runs out.

When Samsung ML-6510 toner chip frees load through capping feature pattern, the printer will be bolted into the cartridge high.

What’s that chip toner Samsung ML-6510

  • Chips Printer toner printer is also called a chip or smart chip. This chip is used by the printer to monitor the levels of Tonder, thickness and extent of toner (typically about 5%).
  • Chip toner printer looks like an object made of plastic, which are outwardly copper foil, and IC … planted on each cartridge.
  • Price toner chip Samsung ML-6510 ranged from: $ 6 – $ 10 USD.

How does Chip Toner? Printer toner chip programmed to work as follows :

  • Each chip inserted into a printer in limited quantities, such as toner chip Samsung ML-6510 embedded into a limited number of print with a range of 15,000 – 30,000 pages.
  • Each fruit (photo, print, fax …), number is inserted into the automatic chip toner with minus 1.
  • When the number is equal to 0, the printer can no longer’ve printed and will emerge error: Toner is low, Toner is empty, Toner cartridges are consumables, toner ends, replace the cartridge, toner exhausted, accompanied by a status LED on the control panel changes color to orange on (red light).

When was the Samsung ML-6510 needs to be reset

  • When Samsung ML-6510 printer’s issued a message: Flashing red light, etched, replace new cartridge, toner runs out.
  • Message on Computers: empty toner, replace the toner, the new toner entry, please replace the toner runs out, the toner cartridge is not known, Install the cartridge, toner exhausted.

Reset toner chip for Samsung ML-6510 from Unismart tool, you must perform the following steps:

  • Connect the data cable by means Unismart
  • On the other hand, head of Connect PCB related toner chip Samsung ML-6510.
  • Select the tool Unismart code Unismart
  • Pencel button in the test head
  • Wait a minute, the LCD screen will display the word OK Unismart then reset chip toner chip Samsung ML-6510 so that the process has been completed.
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