How to Effectively Work Cloud Computing

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How to Effectively Work Cloud Computing

How to Effectively Work Cloud Computing

How to Effectively Work Cloud Computing – Cloud Computing systems or cloud-based computing works by using servers that work online and constantly on the Internet are connected.

At this server computer all data are stored including applications, installed on the server computer linked so that users can use any time when the Internet can be linked to a computer server.

For users who access the server storing the data or run a program, it takes the user must login and then the user can use cloud server resources to run a program without installing it on your own computer and also for storing data.

User runs an application provides several commands on the application, then the commands in the input by the user will be sent to the server across the Internet then processed / response by the server and then displays the results, the data from the results of this process are stored in the computer server, so every time the user wants to open and see the data that has been saved, the data will still be available on the cloud servers.

For example : 

The use of email users do not need to download and install the email application on his computer, just simply connect to the Internet, the user is able to use the email application on the cloud server.

Problem Of Cloud Computing

Data Security
Data security issues still be considered for the use of cloud systems, users of computers connected to the Internet network access server cloud, perhaps the intruders or call into the server computer cracker steal your data, then choose the server cloud that you value quite safe and have integrity the good one.

The Privacy
Privacy or data, of even the system used in implementing cloud server data encryption, but still allows the data stored in the cloud server readable by certain parties.

Prone intruders
Data security in the cloud computer can be a problem, such as the hacking of data, intruders like viruses / malware to the cloud server and be a problem if a security system that has been implemented by the server administrator has, it might happen.

Server Experiencing Off
The server experienced downtime caused by various measures such as high data capacity in the loading at the same time so that the server resources to be slow.
The server may be down due to unstable internet network server computer.

The Advantages of Using Cloud Computing

Efficient use of memory
The use of cloud computing infrastructure such as storage prepare various software no longer need to prepare a large capacity hard drive on his computer, the user simply by using the server.

The flexibility
Because the server is an Internet-based cloud service users to access at any time if it is connected to the internet cloud computing services make the user feel more flexible.

Fully scalable
Providing cloud services and offers data storage according to user request, the user easier management of data to be stored in the cloud server.

The disadvantage Using Cloud Computing

The user must be connected to the Internet
Require users to connect to the internet in order to access the server the user must provide internet network devices.

Cost for cloud server provider
Even smaller capacity than using multiple applications in the cloud computers with small capacity if instead you use the great resource of the server computer server cloud service providers pay your usage, it is reasonable.

Similarly, regarding cloud computing to take advantage of cloud computing technology using cloud-based applications to secure data that we consider important so that if there is damage such as damage to the stored data is still safe.