How to Setup Wireless Printer On Mac

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Setup Wireless Printer On Mac

How to Setup Wireless Printer On Mac – In general we find that the Wifi network there have been many American households and connect their computers.

Adding a printer on a wireless network that allows for the printing of office, while relaxing on the sofa even when with the family on the terrace, save your printer anywhere without having to run an Ethernet cable.

The method used to connect the printer to a network that would depend and choose Canon, Epson or HP, and other printer models.
At this time we would like to explain and describe about how to setup the printer on the Mac OS X operating system that suits their needs

Connection On Your Network Setup Wireless Printer On Mac

Phase 1

Find and write down your wireless network name, or SSID, and password, so that you can enter them during printer software prompts you. To find the SSID of your network, click the “AirPort” icon in the menu bar of your Mac and find the name with the check mark next to it.

Phase 2

Follow the instructions on the screen of your printer, if your printer allows you to find and connect to a wireless network via the control and display. At the prompt, select or enter your network’s SSID and password.

Phase 3

Connect your printer with the USB cable provided if the instructions specify using your computer for setup. Your printer can also come with a disc including installation instructions and “setup assistant” to guide you through the installation process. Follow the instructions for setting up your printer and then disconnect the USB cable.

Phase 4

Then Activate “ad-hoc” network features printer if it has one, and connect to a printer and then click the “AirPort” icon and choose the name of the network. Set up the printer using the software provided by manufacturers and, when requested, enter the router’s SSID and password. When the setup is complete, reconnect to the a regular Wi-Fi network.

Phase 5

Adding a MAC address of the printer if the wireless network requires it. must log into the wireless router itself to do this; router documentation if unsure how to log-in or add the MAC address. Printer’s MAC address is usually printed on stickers on the printer itself, often shared by the serial number.

Adding The Printer

Phase 1

Then run to when insure that has the latest version of the printer driver Software Update. Run Software Update, select “Software Update” from the Apple menu. If Software Update found the latest version of the driver, and then click “Install.”

Phase 2

Your select “System Preferences” from the Apple menu available and click to “Print & Scan.”

Phase 3

This stage did Click and hold on the “plus” t that is under the list of printers and select the printer name from the pull-down menu. If you do not see the name of the printer, do the option “Add another printer or scanner” to open then do the “Add Printer” in the dialog box, and select a printer from the “default” list.

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