How to Set Up Mac Home Networks

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 Mac Home Networks

How to Set Up Mac Home Networks – In particular for home networks that allow it to do various things, such as sharing files between one computer to another computer, can print the document to the printer simultaneously.

The user of Mac computers, Apple Operating System has been created to build a home network with greater ease, using AirPort Extreme, an 802.11n router a compatible with the networks 802.11a / b / g, Time Capsule, 802.11n router with a built-in hard file drive for up or mini-router called AirPort Express. Each one have easily follow wizards and tutorials to provide a setting free of complexity.

Setting Up a New Mac Home Network

Stage 1 : Click on the Apple and select “System Preferences,” then “Network.” The next highlight “AirPort” and click “Configure.” and make sure “Show AirPort status in menu bar” and tick.
Stage 2 : Connect your modem port to AirPort Extreme or Time Capsule Ethernet WAN. So it may be a DSL modem, cable modem, or a modem for whatever the type of Internet connection you have.
Stage 3 : Connect your USB cable supplied to the USB port on the AirPort Extreme or Time Capsule if you want to attach a USB printer or hard drive. Connect the other end to the next device.
Stage 4 :Plug the power cord into an AirPort base station that you specify and then plug the other end into an existing outlet.
Stage 5 : This stage enter the AirPort base station or Time Capsule software installation disc in the optical drive and install AirPort Utility by following the instructions on the screen.
Stage 6 : Open the Applications folder of your Mac and select “Utilities,” next “AirPort Utility.” then click “Continue” then it will be visible in the initial dialog box to set up the wireless network.
Stage 7 :Select your base station to use from the list of available options. Then click “Continue.”
Stage 8 : Fill in the name and password for AirPort base station you use. Select the default “I would like to create a wireless network” will examine by itself to create a new network. Furthermore, note the name and password then save the information for later reference.
Stage 9 : Try entering the Wi-Fi network name and password provided in the “Network Set Up” window. Just let the default “WPA2 Personal” as the type of network security and choose a password between 8-63 characters. Then click “Continue.” Then record the network name and password also save this information for future reference.
Stage 10 : The next stage Enable “Guest Network Setup” pastiikan external users to access the Internet without having to log into your personal network. then click “Continue.”
Stage 11 : Next enter the DNS internet service provider based on the information if it is needed. You can also choose to use the default “I am connected to the Internet with DSL or cable modem using DHCP” then it will be checked for most ISPs. Where possible need to enter DNS information, then check with your operator on the correct settings then enter the address into the space already available. Click “Continue.”
Stage 12 : Then click “Yes” to allow Time Machine to perform backups when installing the Time Capsule. then click “Continue.”
Stage 13 : Also make sure that the settings on the summary page correctly and click “Update” to save the changes. This action is to reboot the router so the new settings can apply as appropriate.
Stage 14 : Then check the status of your AirPort connection in the menu bar.
Stage 15 : So this final stage try to Quit AirPort Utility.

Set Up AirPort Extreme / Time Capsule for users of Wireless Clients

Stage 1 : Open AirPort Utility from the Utilities folder in the “Applications.”
Stage 2 : Then select the base station (AirPort Extreme or Time Capsule) and then click “Continue.”
Stage 3 : Next select “Manual Setup” from the Base Station menu. Then enter the network password if it is requested.
Stage 4 : This stage then click on the AirPort icon from the toolbar available then click on the “Wireless” tab. (Reference 6)
Stage 5 : Then select “Participating in WDS network” in “Wireless Mode.”
Stage 6 : Then to “WDS” tab and choose “WDS main” in “WDS Mode.”
Stage 7 : Then Select the “+” button and then enter the AirPort ID of the wireless clients. Furthermore Click “OK.”
Stage 8 : Furthermore Click “Update.” and Exit AirPort Utility.
Stage 9 :Then go to your wireless clients try to connect to the base station.

Support other products needed
Apple AirPort base station – AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express, or Time Capsule

Mac computers will automatically try to join the nearest AirPort base station when detecting an AirPort card. On the AirPort Express users can only be used on devices that have been connected physically.

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