How to cope with Epson printers XP 332 lamps flashing alternately

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Setup Printer Network – How to cope with Epson printers XP 332 lamps flashing alternately.

Epson printers XP 332 lamps flashing alternately

Epson printers XP 332 lamps flashing alternately

If the printer has an LCD screen, will appear as follows : printer ink pads are at the end of their service life. Please contact Epson support.

For Epson XP 332 in an error red light

  • When the printing process, each finished spinning, the printer will automatically clean the printhead to produce sharp print results, each printhead scan that will make the amount of ink used to flow down the tray under the printhead, this tray is also known as the waste ink pads.
  • Bearings Ink effluent usually contains only a little ink discharge capacity according to the manufacturer. If the ink pads Exiles full, it will make the printer can no longer perform the print process.
  • Each pad Ink Exiles in design to accommodate the number of levels of waste ink that can print a number of 5000-10000 pages with 5% ink coverage.
  • To print in color, the ink coverage reaches 20% – 40%, so the printer can only print the number of 1000-4000 pages until full Exiles Ink Pads -> Printers can no longer do print.

Solution To Fix Red Light Error on Epson XP 332

1. Replace Bearing Exiles Printer Ink Epson XP 332 with the new
New pads costs $ 50 US dollars and bearing a little difficult to be replaced by a layman. The pads located on the bottom of the printer and usually, all the parts of the printer needs to be removed to achieve these bearings.

2. Wash Bearing Printer Ink Epson XP 332

  • Some printers such as artisan or PX / TX 700/800 has a panel at the bottom of the printer and the ink pad is very easy to achieve and removed. Once removed; You can wash the pads with water flowing (WITHOUT other fluids) and dry using a hair dryer. The result: Bearing New!
  • Most printers have an ink pad on the bottom and very difficult to be removed itself, this is the work of a professional handyman service.

3. Reset Software Exiles Epson Printer Ink pads XP 332

  • WicReset Software is a free software / free download and you only pay for the key to reset. This software can be used on PC and Apple Mac. WIC Software may only be used once. Whenever you need to reset the printer, you should get a new key.
  • Reset Key Costs around $ 7.81 – $ 8.68.
  • Reset Counters Ink Exiles and continue print.
  • Only a few minutes and you save $ 50!
  • Only a few minutes and you do not need to go to a handyman service

Download Software WicReset

How do I use to reset Bearing Ink WicReset Exiles

  1. Connect your computer to the Internet.
  2. Connect the printer to a computer via a USB cable.
  3. Cancel all of the print job, your best option is required to turn the printer off and turn it back and wait for the printer can be used.
  4. Unzip the program and copy Software WicReset to the Desktop page.
  5. Run the software and select the printer WicReset.
  6. Click on the Read waste counters to see the number of pages.
  7. Click Click on the Reset counters waste.
  8. Enter the reset key Enter key reset here and click OK to reset the count. When successfully reset the waste ink pads you click OK only once.
  9. Turn off the power and push power on the printer to finish cleaning the waste matter on the ink pad.
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