Download Apps Cloud Print For Android

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Download Apps Cloud Print For Android

Apps Cloud Print For Android

Download Apps Google Cloud Print For Android – Google Cloud Print is a very interesting feature provided by Google inc. the print service document files remotely from Google that allows users to connect to a wireless way to the printer from a computer, mobile device even for tablet devices.

To connect between users then you need to do a very simple configuration compatible printer and provides quick access to print documents from wherever the user is located, and where the device is used, not only the other hand allows users to share the printer with other users.

Compatible on Windows Operating Systems
Google Cloud Print is built to be integrated with the Windows operating system, because you will be able to print to the printer Cloud for any Windows program that has been enabled for print.

Choice and conditions in accordance with the tau pressing selecting the print mode so that the user will see a window in Google Chrome and start printing documents with Google Cloud Print, or alternative use, will save the document it self in Google Drive.

Download the latest release of Google Cloud Print app from the official website. What can you do with Cloud Print for your Android?

The following brevity a description :

  • Print from Android device compatible with Google Cloud Print printer connected
  • Share pictures or documents from applications such as Gallery directly to Cloud Print
  • Track the status of your print job
  • Invitation Process printer. Open the link in the email invitation from Cloud Print
  • Search and register a new Cloud Ready printer on the local network *

Print from Android never easy.
Google Cloud Print is printed plugin Android KitKat, also standalone applications on previous versions of Android. When you update your device to the KitKat, you may need to manually delete the icon.


  • Not all models are supported for local discovery then manually check the printer setup details.
  • Installation is simple, integrated control panel, Integration with Windows programs
  • The concept is very clear and devoted user has the appropriate printer model

In the above discussion has touched on Google Drive, you should know that the function and a brief description of this google that allows the user more flexibility to use Google Cloud Print.

The following a brief explanation :
Google Drive is one of google products with the company’s online storage service Google when it was launched on 24 April 2012, with the extension of the Google Docs service replaces it into the URL with at the time after activation.

Google Drive document storage service free with a capacity of 5 GB if you want to add space for more than 5 GB then you have to pay for it, and I think the capacity is so large that has been given by google is good enough to store office documents or personal documents.

Google Drive can be synced to your personal data through a special folder on the desktop of your computer, or better known as the Desktop Sync Clients. Google Drive with a given capacity of 5 GB free course features have been integrated in an incredible Google products such as Gmail, Google Plus and Google Search and many more.

Features that are excluded from the Google Drive including their API’s for Developers. Until now, Google Drive has been integrated with a wide range of applications from other parties.

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