How to set up wireless printer brother

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How to set up wireless printer brother

wireless printer brother

How to set up wireless printer brother – The types of inkjet printers that output is largely a multi-function printer, where the printer is equipped with copy – scan – and fax. Brother printer prints in addition to already have a copy also scan facility is also equipped with a card reader.

For example you use a printer brother dcp-J220, this printer in addition to scan and copy are also equipped with fax facilities as well as the number of button or key figures that we use as an option to operate some functions of the printer brother.

Brother printers enrich other interesting features, as time passed it completes its brother printer with networking or wireless access facilities. Processes use the print media usually uses cables, now no longer required in the printer sebahagian printer.

Easier to use you just need to set the printer and computer / laptop, in order to make communication via a wireless network.

As a note to facilitate you utilize existing wireless features on brother, here we provide a brief explanation of how the wireless settings brother printer:

Printer Factory Reset

  1. Press the “Menu” button on your printer machine
  2. Use the up and down buttons to find the menu “Network”
  3. After the Press “OK”
  4. Select “Factory Reset”, then press “OK”
  5. Press the number “1” (if there is a button fax printer, if not look at the screen for instructions), the machine will automatically reset to its network.


Setup Wizzard to enable wireless

  1. Press the “Menu”, then use the search button on the bottom menu “Network”, then press “OK”.
  2. Select the “WLAN”, then press “OK”
  3. Select the “Setup Wizard”, and then wait while the engine will look for the SSID, if the SSID has been finished, press the “Clear / Back”
  4. Wi-Fi icon will be on the top screen.


Setting to Computer

  1. Insert the CD Driver
  2. Select the desired language (eg English here)
  3. Select the “Initial installation”
  4. Then select “Install MFL-Pro Suite
  5. Select Yes and wait a minute
  6. Select the “Wireless Network Connection and select the next
  7. Check all the options and select the next again
  8. If you detect wifi printer and select the printer next to the exit message and required to restart
  9. If you do not detect wifi, select option 2 is to specify your machine by address
  10. then you fill in the IP address that is in the printer to the empty column
  11. How to check the IP address on the printer, select Menu -> Network -> WLAN -> TCP / IP -> IP address
  12. If it is the computer will immediately process, until there is a message “Brother Registration”, if there is then select the next and restart the computer.


Setting On the Wireless Network Connection

  1. On the PC / Notebook find the Wireless Network Connection
  2. After that select the “SETUP” in the option choose a wireless network
  3. select Connect
  4. Also select “Connect Anyway” and wait a minute
  5. Wait a minute until the Wireless Connected

Note :

The way this setting applies to the type of printer brother contained wireless system.